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Learning & Development Conference | Botswana

Learning & Development Conference | Botswana

We’re very proud to have secured Brandon Carson, International Author and Learning Director of Delta Airlines as a keynote speaker at this year’s Learning & Development Conference (taking place on 10-11 September at Avani, Gaborone

Here are some insights he recently shared on how digital transformation is changing the way we learn and how your L&D strategy should change to match it:

You’re smack-dab in the middle of the single biggest transformation in human history. And everything you do is affected by it. Your business, now, is all digital. And bigger than any invention preceding it, the Internet is in the driver’s seat. There’s no going back to whatever it was before.

Regardless of what you do, you’re affected. In learning, the result is requiring us to re-think every aspect of what we do. Businesses need more capabilities to effectively harness digital technology to drive competitiveness. Customers now expect hyper-personalised choices and near real-time results (“What, it’s going to take a DAY to get that to me? I want it in an hour!”). People like me who train workforces can no longer justify two to three months to create and deliver a “learning experience”. I was just told the other day by a colleague in IT that their new systems have releases every 9 days. They need performance support to be looked at that often. Normally, it would take me 9 days to schedule a meeting to talk about training. Those days are gone. People need information to help them perform now, and 5 seconds later, they need more. Now.

In the face of this, there are 3 pillars that should drive your learning business to accommodate the speed of digital transformation:


  1. Leverage technology as the enabler of innovation, not your goal. Focus intently on the business, not on the technology.
  2. Build collaborative business relationships. You exist because there’s a business need to ensure a capable workforce is in place. Spend the time with the business, and eventually speak their language instead of the training language. Learning should be embedded. Who wakes up exclaiming they can’t wait to get to work to “take training”?
  3. Get cross-market insights. Step out of your filter bubble, lift your head up, and look around. It’s crucial for you to have a good understanding of the forces driving the markets you support, but to also have an expert’s view of what types of learning will move the needle. Again, the focus is the business market, not the training market.

To find out more about the Learning and Development Conference, please get in touch with me at dineo@knowlegekr.net or 72697690.

To book your seat contact Boago Jackson on +317 0620 or info@knowledgekr.net

Hope to see you at the conference!