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Chamber of mines ready to address skills shortage:

Collective members of the Botswana Chamber of Mines believe in empowering citizens through employment. However where these skills are not available or inappropriate, the companies are forced to recruit expatriates, but with a proviso that a citizen will be trained to replace the expatriate skill after a prerequisite period.

In an interview with The Business Diary Charles Siwawa Chief Executive Officer of the Botswana Chamber of Mines said the industry is faced with inappropriate skills in the country where unemployed graduates cannot find jobs primarily because their skills sets are inappropriate for the mining industry. “The Chamber is working with the relevant authorities to focus on this challenge through influencing the curricula at the country’s tertiary educational institutions,” explained Siwawa.

Botswana Chamber of Mines Offices officially opened:

Gaborone, 23 November 2010. Honorable Minister of Minerals Energy and Water Resources Dr P.H.K Kedikilwe officially opened BCM offices in Gaborone.The formal opening signifies developement of the mining sector through which the Botswana Chamber of Mines was established as a body that espouses to work towards excellence in the mining industry.

These offices will be used to promote the interest of the mining industry and to keep abreast of the global trends whilst maintaining a local perspective. This investment is a combined effort of mining companies such as BotAsh, Debswana, BCL, Mupani Gold, Tati Nickel, Morupule Colliery, Gope Exploration, Boteti Mining, Firestone Diamonds, CIC energy, Discovery Metals Ltd, Kgale Quarries etc.

In addition there are associate institutions such as University of Botswana, Department of Mines, Department of Geological Surveys and the Botswana Mining Workers Union. The event was attended by senior executives of the above mentioned organizations together with other critical stakeholders in the mining industry.

Commenting at the opening Honorable Dr Kedikilwe said "this presents yet another milestone in the development of the mining industry in the country". It is expected that the office will offer innovative ideas on safer mining practices and create formidable economic and social solutions through a unified voice of the mining industry.

Chamber of Mines ready to roll:

After operating without an office for more than ten years, Botswana Chamber of Mines is ready to turn a new leaf in the industry. Koobonye Ramokopelwa talked to the chamber’s founding Chief Executive Officer Charles Siwawa on issues that affect the industry and beyond.

The chamber was established more than ten years ago by a group of mines that wanted to have a concerted voice when discussing issues that affect the mining industry with stakeholders such as government and other interested parties. We are also determined to influence policy that would ensure sustainability and prosperity of the industry. We are a non- governmental organisation, which depends on funding from members. We have ten members that include Morupule, Debswana, Tati Nickel and BCL among others.

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