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PRESS RELEASE_Botash 2023 – 2017 Strategy Launch 200823

PRESS RELEASE_Botash 2023 – 2017 Strategy Launch 200823

Botash Unveils 5-Year Strategy “Double in Five, Safely” To Sustainably Deliver Diversified Natural Sodium-Based Product Growth

Sowa Town, 25 August 2023 — Botswana Ash (Pty) Ltd (Botash), the leading producer of natural sodium and related products in the Southern African region, announced its transformative 5-year strategy aimed at propelling the company into an era of sustainable growth, innovation, and expanded geographical presence. The strategy was launched by the Minister of Minerals & Energy, Hon. Lefoko M. Moagi.

The strategy, aptly named “Double in Five, Safely,” outlines Botash’s commitment to doubling its earnings before tax by 2027 through enhanced logistics, efficient plant operations, new product development, and market expansion. The strategy hinges on pillars of reliable and predictable production, defense and growth of market share, diversified product offering and sustainability.

Anchored, by sustainability, Botash will harness its skilled workforce for efficiency and innovation, to deepen its relevance and scale in current and new markets. This strategy reflects Botash’s lasting commitment to generating shared value among stakeholders, including employees and the local community. The company is looking to expand its soda ash production as well as introduce sodium bicarbonate into the market during the strategic period. As a contribution towards minerals beneficiation, Botash plans to forward integrate its food grade salt business over the next 5 years.

“Our newly unveiled strategy, ‘Double in Five, Safely,’ encapsulates our dedication to fostering diversified natural sodium-based product growth while prioritising sustainability, innovation, and stakeholder value,” noted Kangangwani Phatshwane, Managing Director of Botswana Ash (Pty) Ltd. “Sustainability is not just a concept; it is deeply ingrained in our business model. Our employees will be the driving force behind the efficiencies and innovations that will allow us to maintain our relevance and scalability in an increasingly diversified market landscape. We are steadfast in our resolve to sustain and strengthen our position as an African leader in natural sodium products, and we are poised to take on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.”

Botash’s impressive track record as a leader in the supply of natural sodium and related products  positions it to continue to make significant contributions to various value chains across Southern Africa. The company’s products are integral to the production of glass for buildings and motor vehicles, container glass, PVC piping for water reticulation, water treatment solutions, and many more.

The launch emphasized Botash’s involvement in the community including the support of Flamingo International School and other local schools, as well as supporting Sua Flamingoes Football Club currently playing in the Premier League. Additionally, the company has embarked on co-determined community programmes through ‘Towards Sustainable Mining Initiative’ in Sowa Town and other communities of interest within which it operates, further solidifying its commitment to local impact.

With an established legacy and a visionary roadmap, Botash is set to reinforce its position as the foremost supplier of soda ash and industrial salt in Southern Africa. The “Double in Five, Safely” strategy is not just a blueprint for growth; it is testament to Botash’s enduring commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainable progress. We invite our stakeholders to join us to build ‘Africa’s leading supplier of natural sodium and related products. ENDS…

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